Thai Restaurant Sawaddee Ka

Restaurant - Take out - Delivery


Overtoom 49-hs
1054 HB Amsterdam
Tel: 020 - 612 75 37


House Rules




1 WELCOME Welcome in our Thai restaurant.
We treat you with respect, and we ask the same from you.
2 PLEASANT We do our best to make your visit pleasant and safe.
Our instructions are aimed just at that.
3 DRINKING Please drink within limits, it is nicer for all of us.
No 18 = No alcohol.
4 PATIENCE In case of a longer than normal waiting time, be sure that
we are working as hard as we can.
5 COMPLAINTS Requests, comments or complaints? Don’t wait but let
us know at once! We will try to work it out (within limits).
6 BELONGINGS Please keep an eye on your belongings. So do we, but
we are not responsible in case of disappearance or theft.
7 RESERVATION Reservation but late? Call us in time. If we cannot reach
you, we may give your table to other customers.
8 TROUBLE Causing trouble, making excessive demands, misbehaviour?
If necessary we will call the police.
9 PETS Sorry, we don’t allow dogs or other pets in our restaurant.
Not every customer likes them.
10 VISITORS First time in Holland? Remember: our customs are different,
but our heart is the same. Welcome in Holland!
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